Why Biometric Security is Taking Over Traditional Passwords
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by | Nov 9, 2020 | Web Development

Did you know that passwords go back to Ancient Rome? While most people think they became popular after the computer, they’ve been around much longer. But lately, companies have turned to biometric security instead of using passwords. In this post, we’re going to discuss why biometric security is taking over the traditional password. 


The main reason passwords are so popular is due to the introduction of the internet. But, there are many issues with password security. According to Hiscox, small businesses in the UK are hacked every 19 seconds, so while passwords offer some protection, hackers can still access your personal information. 


Luckily, biometric security is the solution to many businesses hacking problems. 


What is Biometric Security?


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Biometric security is a newer form of technology, and its primary purpose is to improve user experience. Instead of inputting passwords, or pin codes, biometric security offers two primary ways to access your device/information; fingerprint sensors and facial recognition. 


Fingerprint Sensors


Fingerprint sensors are one of the most popular forms of biometric technology. They’re used in appliances, wearable items and mobile devices. While they’ve been around for years, it’s only recently that they became a staple for mobile phones and household items. 


The scanners work by taking an image of your fingerprint and using it as your identification. In simple terms, it’s a high-security password that you don’t need to remember. You can also get fingerprint locks which work similarly. 


Facial Recognition Technology


Facial recognition technology is similar to fingerprint sensors, but it scans an image of your face instead. Each person’s face has unique features and symmetrical elements, and the facial scanner picks these out and uses them to confirm your identity. 


The Advantages of Biometric Security


Biometric security has two distinctive advantages. Let’s take a look at some of them. 


High Security 


As we mentioned previously, traditional passwords are easy for hackers to access, but biometric technology drastically reduces their opportunities. If you want peace of mind, then using a biometric system for your business is a good idea. 


Did you know that there’s a one in sixty-four billion chance of your fingerprints matching with somebody else’s? That figure alone shows how secure biometric technology is. It would be almost impossible for someone to sign in to your device without access to your fingerprints. 


More Convenient 


It’s getting harder than ever to create a strong password. Most people use memorable information because it’s easier. But, most passwords should contain a mix of high case letters, lower case letters, numbers and special symbols. 


Biometric security is more convenient for users because there’s no need to remember your password. It takes less than a few seconds to sign in to your accounts, which simplifies internet banking and other applications. 


Things to Consider 


If you want to use biometrics for your business, then it can be quite costly. But, when you weigh it up against the costs of being hacked, then it can be worth the investment. The reality of biometric security is that it provides a convenient solution for businesses and consumers. 


Do you use biometric technology for your business? Are there any worries you have about implementing it? Let us know in the comments.