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by | Nov 13, 2020 | Marketing Tips

Most people can write, but there’s a big difference between stringing a coherent sentence together and being an influential writer. Luckily, writing tools can help you to correct spelling mistakes and simplify your sentences.


Great content is concise, informational and understandable. Here are our top choices for writing tools to help you rev up your content marketing game. 




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Grammarly is one of the most popular writing tools around, and it packs a host of free features. It offers an in-depth analysis of your grammar, and it’s especially beneficial if you’re writing in UK or US English. 


The free version offers a spell check and provides suggestions to improve your grammar and readability. The paid version is best for marketers or people who write content and reports regularly. 


Overall, Grammarly is a fantastic tool, and it’s surprisingly accurate. There are times when it makes an inappropriate suggestion, so always read your work thoroughly instead of relying solely on the platform. 


The Hemingway App



The Hemingway Editor is advanced free editing software that focuses on the effectiveness of your writing. Ernest Hemingway was a writer that prioritised clear and concise language, and the app is based around his methods. 


What we like most about this tool is its ability to show you what the reading grade level of your writing. The editor will also provide suggestions to help you simplify your content and remove claggy paragraphs. 


If you’re looking for a free editing tool, then we can’t recommend the Hemingway Editor enough. It’s ideal for new writers, but it’s also useful for experienced marketers that need to create easy to understand guides. 


Google Translate 


Google provides an abundance of free tools, and its translate app is one of our favourites. The translation software enables you to find out the meaning and pronunciation of words and phrases. 


It’s primarily for people that want to write in another language because it checks your work and corrects your errors. Our favourite thing about translate is you can translate photos and use the audio recorder to check if your pronunciation is correct. 


Google Translate also has an excellent grammar tool for proficient English speaks that want to check whether their content is readable. 


Grammar Girl


Grammar Girl is a unique platform that focuses on answering your grammar questions. It’s not a spell checking platform, but the founder, Mignon Fogarty, knows her stuff when it comes to persuasive writing. 


You can read the helpful blog or listen to her podcast for more information. Grammar Girl won’t improve individual pieces of writing, but it can make you a better writer. 




One of the worst writing mistakes we see is when people use the same word repeatedly in their content. VisuWords is a free tool that enables you to enter a term and see its relatives. 


The best thing about this free writing tool is you can use it to make your content more original. It’s also ideal for finding the correct words to fit the topic and writing style. 


Each of the writing tools above has its benefits, and using them means you can create content that compels and converts your audience. 


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