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One of the most important things for every business to consider is whether they or not they have a responsive website. With technology continuously evolving and consumers getting more demanding, having a mobile responsive website should be at the top of your to-do list. 


In 2019, 53% of internet traffic came from mobile devices. What this shows us is that more people prefer to use their mobile phone or tablets to browse the web. Companies need to ensure their websites work well across all devices, but what is responsive design?


What is Responsive Design?


Responsive design is the practice of making sure a website responds and adapts to every user’s behaviour. The main factors of responsive design are screen size, orientation and platform. Mobile devices have a wide range of specifications, and when a website lacks responsiveness, it only works on a desktop. 


User experience is everything, and if you don’t have a responsive website, you’ll lose a lot of potential customers. Luckily, some fantastic free tools let you test your websites for responsiveness. 


Responsive Website Testing Tools 


We’ve searched for the best free tools to test your website responsiveness and here they are. 


Responsive Design Checker 


Responsive Design Checker is an easy to use tool that lets you test your website responsiveness across a range of screen sizes. All you have to do is enter your sites URL and use the features to alter your screen size. 


The best thing about Responsive Design Checker is its pre-defined features. You can click on the Kindle, iPhone, Android and a range of other devices to test your website without any hassle. 


Google Mobile Test 


Google has an impressive range of free features, and its mobile test offers a premium service for no cost. While this tool doesn’t spot UI bugs, it does have the ability to assess how your site performs on mobile devices, and when you run a test, it tells you if you pass or fail. 


While designers might find this app a bit too generic, it’s ideal for small businesses to find out if they need to make any changes to their website. 


Matt Kersley’s Responsive Tool 


Matt Kersley is a successful web designer, but he upped his game when he released his responsiveness tool. It’s not as advanced as a lot of the testing apps out there, but it’s entirely free and does what it says on the box (so to speak). 


If you want to test single pages, then you’ll find this responsive tool handy. It’s also one of the only platforms that has a 240px width default setting. 


Designmodo Responsive Test 


Designmodo is another free tool that offers a great user experience. You can preview your website to see how it looks across a range of devices. There are lots of pre-defined settings, and you can access them in one click. 


Overall, Designmodo is one of the better tools available, because it’s ideal for the less tech-friendly user. You can choose from a wide range of settings and make sure your website has the best chance of providing a superb user experience. 


The Bottom Line 


So those were our favourite responsive website testing tools. Hopefully, you’ll find one you like and begin the journey of creating a responsive website. Once you do, you can enjoy a broader range of users and look forward to your future as a business. 


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