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It’s only natural that before you make a purchase, you want to make sure you’re not wasting money. Whether it’s trying out that new restaurant, or buying something for your home, it’s human nature to check out the reviews, which is why customer testimonials are so crucial for any business. 


In this guide, we’ll discuss why customer testimonials are essential and how they work. 


How Customer Testimonials Work


As you can see from these statistics, customer reviews can be the most effective form of marketing. The best thing is, they’re entirely free to obtain. 


When a customer uses your service, they’ll form an impression of your company. If you’re in the B2B sector, you’ll find it easier to get testimonials, because other businesses understand the importance of leaving a positive review. 


B2C companies can still benefit from testimonials, but it’s useful to ask customers to leave a review. Most businesses display customer testimonials on their homepage because it’s often the first port of call for people that want to know more about your business. 


The Types of Testimonial

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There are four main types of customer testimonial: 




Quotes are the most common form of testimonials, and you’ll probably see them on most companies websites. They’re a great way to show what customers have to say about your business, without taking up too much space. 




Social media is one of the best marketing tools for your business, and when someone writes a positive review of your business, you’re almost guaranteed to generate some leads. It’s most common for someone to write a post and mention the company’s name. 


For example, “I used [company name] for [purpose], and the job they did was amazing. I’m delighted with the service and will use it again. If you’re looking for [service/product], I’d definitely recommend them.” 


Long-form Testimonial 


You’ll rarely get a customer to write a 1000 word testimonial, but you can interview them over the telephone to create a long-form testimonial. These types of testimonials are ideal if you offer a service because your customer can explain how your company helped them and what the results were. 


Video Testimonial 


Video testimonials show a potential client exactly how your product or service works, and they’re one of the best ways to promote your company. People love video content because it’s easier to digest and gives them an in-depth look at what you offer. 


The best way to create a video testimonial is to sit down with a customer and record an interview with them. You can show them using your product or get them to talk about how your service has benefitted them. 


Most people will watch a video testimonial, and once they see your product/service in action, they’re more likely to make a purchase. 


The Benefits of Customer Testimonials 


There are many benefits to customer testimonials. Let’s take a look at them. 


Build Your Portfolio 


While it’s essential to build a portfolio of your work, people respond well to customer testimonials because they’re real. The best form of business promotion is word of mouth, and when you make a positive impact on your customers, others will automatically trust your business/product. 


Speed Up Your Sales Funnel 


Your sales funnel is an intricate system that takes visitors to your website and converts them into paying customers following a series of actions. Customer reviews are a vital part of your funnel because they take the attention away from your marketing efforts. 


What we mean by this is, marketing can be impactive, but people know when you’re trying to sell yourself. Customer testimonials are all about how real people perceive your business, so people find them a lot more credible. 


Customer Retention 


Did you know that your probability of selling to a new customer is between 5-20%? But you have a 60-70% chance of selling to an existing customer. There are lots of other statistics on Small Biz Trends, that show how essential customer retention is. 


Testimonials on your website can remind your current customers how you’ve helped them improve their business or lifestyle. A great way to use testimonials is to include them in your email marketing. When a customer opens an email to find another positive review, they’ll be more likely to stay loyal to your business and perhaps purchase more from you. 


Negative Reviews 

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Customer testimonials are controllable, in the sense that you can pick the best and showcase them on your website. Reviews are slightly more unpredictable, and a lot of companies avoid asking for or displaying reviews. 


While businesses fear negative reviews, they can be an opportunity for you to show potential customers how you continuously strive to surpass expectations. Imagine someone leaves you a testimonial that criticises your product or service. Your first instinct would be to delete the review, but you could use it to your advantage. 


For example, say someone leaves a negative review of the response time of your customer support team. After reading the comments, you decide to implement a chatbot to signpost visitors with general queries to the right area. 


You could use the review to discuss how you’ve made changes to your business. By writing a response, you can let your visitors know that you take criticism seriously, and people will respect the fact that you go out of your way to meet your customers’ expectations. 


Negative reviews can be an excellent way to show people that customer satisfaction is at the core of your values, and by accepting critique, you’ll appear as a down to earth organisation instead of a company that values money above their customers. 


Getting Customer Testimonials 


It’s not always easy to get your customers to write a testimonial, but if you have the right attitude, then it’s possible. Ask your customers if they liked your product/service and if they’d mind writing a testimonial. Sometimes, people don’t think about how their opinions matter to your business, but when you ask them, most of them will. 


If you offer a discount on their next purchase, you can encourage customers to tell people what they like about your company. 


The Bottom Line 


So, now you know more about the importance of customer testimonials it’s time to think about reaching out to your customers. Remember, a happy customer means a successful business, so don’t underestimate how impactive a positive review can be. 


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