5 WordPress Plugins You Can’t Live Without 
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by | Oct 2, 2020 | Uncategorized

WordPress is one of the most popular website builders and content management systems in the world. What makes it so good are the sheer number of plugins available. In this post, we’re going to look at the best WordPress plugins available. 


Yoast SEO 


Yoast is our go-to tool here at Zapp Sites. We know how important SEO is, and Yoast makes it so much easier. There’s a free version and a paid version, but both are excellent. Using Yoast means you can update your meta titles and descriptions. It also shows you how many times your focus keyword appears in your test and gives you useful tips on how to improve your SEO score. 


The premium version of Yoast has more capabilities, including synonym keywords and other words. It’s an excellent option for larger businesses, but the free version has everything you need to get started with your SEO efforts. 


Visual Composer/WP Bakery Page Builder


Web designers UK and worldwide use Visual Composer to create their sites. The frontend and backend page builder enables you to modify existing pages and create new ones with ease. Better still, the fully responsive plugin will integrate into any theme you choose, and it has full responsiveness. 


Visual Composer isn’t one of the free WordPress plugins, but for everything it offers, it’s worth the money, especially if you want to build high-quality websites. 


Remove Widget Titles 


If you’re already familiar with WordPress, then you know how essential widgets are. The most significant issue users have is that if you don’t give your widgets a title, the word ‘text’ displays. It causes problems if you have multiple widgets on your site, but you can remove the text with this free plugin. 


While this plugin might not seem like a big deal, it makes all the difference when you want to manage your widgets and titles from the backend. 




Most people think WooCommerce is just for selling physical products, but you can also use it for subscriptions. It’s one of the best free WordPress plugins around and has endless add-on features. You might have to pay for more premium add-ons, but overall WooCommerce is ideal for people that want to maximise their selling potential. 


If you want to begin selling on your WordPress website, you can integrate WooCommerce and save yourself some money. The plugin is quite complex to use, so you might find it’s better to get a professional to help you set it up. 




Everyone knows how important a mobile responsive website is, especially if your business operates locally With so many people using their phones and tablets to browse the net, you need to make sure your site works across all devices. The AMP plugin enables you to optimise your website for Google and make sure you have the best chance of ranking on mobile searches. 


So, those were the best WordPress plugins you can’t live without. If you’d like to learn more about developing your website, check out our helpful guide on web page design and the best practices to make your site stand out.